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Bogdan Mihai Nicolae
I'm a web developer, trainer and Youtuber



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Passionate web developer and teacher, I combine my expertise with my motto “The Only Sure Thing is Change” to create UX-oriented apps and help my colleagues to improve themselves.

Also, in my spare time, I pursue my hobby as a "cutting edge tech addicted" and use all my work-related knowledge to make awesome videos on Youtube.

Web developer
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Web developer consultant
I provide consulting services regarding web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, React, Nodejs. I also have experience with SEO, performance optimisation and security.
Software developer
Deutsche Bank( 2017 - now )
I am responsible for designing, developing and maintaining single page applications using Angular and Nodejs. I am also supporting and sharing knowledge by mentorship programs and training sessions.
Teaching Assistant
Department of Computer Science, University of Bucharest( 2017 - now )
I help students to learn and practice web technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript and Nodejs.
Front-End Developer
Gentlab( 2016 - 2017 )
My primary focus was to implement a complete user interface oriented on performance and user experience using Angularjs. Also, I have developed and published 2 mobile apps in Google Play and App Store using React Native.
Front-End Developer
Toorad Solutions( 2015 - 2016 )
Using industry's best practices, I have developed responsive and adaptive framework using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Head of Market Research & Analysis Office
ISPH Project Development( 2013 - 2015 )
I have collected relevant information, concerning the macro-economic environment and market players, in order to signal relevant trends and market developments. Also, I have executed analyses concerning trends and developments in the market, competitor and customer behaviour and the impact of intended Marketing campaigns.
Design Engineer
ISPH( 2008 - 2013 )
I have elaborated the documentation and technical specifications for all project stages from planning to commissioning. I have given technical assistance to the clients and also participated with papers at conferences and exhibitions.
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Bucharest, ROMANIA

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